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  • Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2010 20:12:13 -0700

Real nice photos, John. That roadster with the Marmon V16 motor was a very unique concept. Old motor, brand-new ECM system. I wonder what its redline is.

I'll have some photos of the trip to Portland and Seattle fairly soon...but I'm doing the whole Target 550 update this week myself, since it was the first time I got a chance to see the car on person...and I just happened to have a camera in my hand.....

I've switched over to the Dreadnought computer as my main workstation. Besides being much faster, it's a WHOLE lot quieter, since I don't have to run the huge fan blowing into the disk drives. If you missed it, here's the build diary on it:

Back to work,

ps...here are some photos from a presentation that was done by the North American Eagle team that's shooting for 1000 mph on the ground (current record is 763) using an F-104 jet fighter without wings:

At 06:05 AM 2/17/2010, you wrote:
I took the train downtown last night, and met Nate after work at the train station. We went to the auto show till a little after 7 PM last night.

Go to this page for a link to the 150 or so pictures I took: <http://myelcamino.net/events.htm>http://myelcamino.net/events.htm

For the photo guys and gals...... no cropping, or enhancements.... just don't have time to get that done. All hand held, so the low light shows a little blur here and there. If it were a Saturday or Sunday, I would have had nothing but butts in the pictures, I'm sure. There were enough people around to have to get a quick shot when I could get it.

There was only one good reason to take 2 pictures of the Fiats. I am sure you will see my reasoning here. Some cars I just shot because the colors were great. A blue Toyota for instance. That Audi R8 is as stunning in person as it is in print. I only sat in 3 cars, the new 5 series BMW, The Mini Clubman, and a Buick. The Buicks really caught my eye of all the American cars, unexpectedly. The Cadillacs were great looking. I really liked that wagon. The 5 series will hold almost as much though, and the rear trunk/hatch is really versatile. Still can't get past the cost of that though. I took some pictures like the custom Scion just because it was a cool stance and open concept. Plenty of eye candy in the room. The Volo Auto Museum had some cool cars there. The Blues Brothers cruiser, General Lee, and a real cool V16 Roadster.

If I had unlimited funds, I would buy one of the Fisker Automotive electric cars, and drop an LS9 in it. They were beautiful cars. The lines on the 4 door were absolutely stunning.

Off to work. Next day off is Tuesday.

Sorry I don't have time to get the labels on everything.

John Christensen
1984 El Camino "Elkenstein" 350 TBI
NECOA #042 <http://www.myelcamino.net>http://www.myelcamino.net
Saint Charles, IL

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