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Hmmm...not like Monte Carlo?  Like this one?

Those are my sons.  They applied the parts stickies for me this morning.  Now I'm dealing with pulley alignment at the front of the motor.  I think I have it figgered out, tho.


On 9/5/2011 1:24 PM, CTSVMONGO wrote:

No offense to anyone with a Monte, it’s a sweet car and I would be a proud owner of it but im not a huge Monte fan( I do like the older ones quite a bit though).  Just thought it was a really nicely done one.


Having a hard time looking past some of the 68/69 chevelles on ebay, wow!


Ive also become a huge fan of the way the 80’s/90s Porsche 911s and slant nose look, the wide body is pretty cool- id really need to learn more about those as I have no idea with any of that- motors, models etc, the values seem to be all over the place with those.


Oh anyone ever drive a Pantera?  Too much for my budget but  I love those cars.


The girlfriend and I are going to go drive a few audi’s today, she really wants to look into trading in her 08 Acura TL type S.  Its pretty fun to drive, but… she’s had it 3 years and put almost 30k on it so its gonna start needing brakes and likely new tires soon… we replaced one over the winter and it was well over $400 for one!!!

The dealer near us has a couple S4s, 2 A5’s and an S5, and Im gonna see if the guy will let me drive the 2009 S8 (wiki says it’s a more powerful lambo V10 with nearly 500hp)   In my opinion- and im not in a place to buy a car like the S5(she is lucky me huh J ) but that is one of the sexiest cars out there today- should be fun!


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Are you the winning bidder? LOL

That is nice. You sure couldn't build it for $14K


On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 8:57 AM, Brian M <ctsvmongo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This Monte is pretty cool, thought you Monte fans might like it.


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