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Yeah, you're the chubby one in the middle next to the tall guy (hee, hee, hee).
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Hey Dan, On the elky list there is a photo of me at the race track with Carry, 
and her husband, in that photo I am 200LBS.

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According to that my BMI is 20.7.Weight loss, weight gain or maintaining weight 
is simple accounting:calories in minus calories out.  You can be thin if you 
eat a lot butexercise a lot to compensate... but then you can have heart 
issuesfrom the fatty foods... there's always a reckoning.That said I believe 
some people are genetically predetermined to storefat more readily than others. 
 One of the "Biggest Loser" pastcontestants said the only way she can keep the 
weight off is to dostrenuous exercise for an hour 6 days a week... I'm lucky if 
I get oneday in.The "strenuous" part brings me to another myth: people think 
they cando low intensity, long duration sessions on the treadmill and 
loseweight... the fact is you're not burning many calories when you do 
lowintensity... the only gain I see is increasing your endurance (whichis not 
the goal).Watch the workouts they do on the Biggest Loser... nothing 
lowintensity about it!On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 6:44 PM, Dann Keller 
<kwhale22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> Yeah, right, Frank.  Even if you're 6'2" you 
should be looking to lose 35> pounds or grow 6 inches (in heigth) to have a 
"normal" BMI.  See the> following link:>> Calculate your BMI - Standard BMI 
Calculator>> Yeah, this weight thing is a B***h, and it doesn't get better as 
you get> older>> Dan>>> ________________________________> To: 
elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [elky] Re: CAGS was Re: Re: (no subject)> Date: 
Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:42:08 -0500> From: stillfranksfault@xxxxxxx>> I hear that 
John, been putting on the pounds myself. I'm a big guy and look> and feel 
comfortable at 200. My normal is 200.  Now I'm 225, must be the> good life.>>>> 
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elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Thu, Jan 21, 2010 6:46 am> Subject: [elky] Re: CAGS 
was Re: Re: (no subject)>> I am in a winter slump at the moment. The Christmas 
present of a Wii and> Jenny McCarthy workout are saving me. I wish there were 
more ice free> walking paths in our area. In the Summer and fall, I was walking 
(very> briskly) 3 miles a day. Now that I am only doing half that, due to ice, 
and> only 2 times a week, I am pushing 200. I have to balance slipping and> 
wrenching my back with staying limber from the walks. It all goes down the> 
tubes if I hurt myself. I was up to 225 at my heaviest. 185 before surgery> 
(drugs, and not eating). At least I am healthy enough to move again. I can't> 
wait to get out there on the walks again, because I am not getting the> cardio 
I need from it.>> Brian, That is really great. I had a treadmill, but I didn't 
have the space> in the house for it, and I hated it besides. I have never eaten 
too much,> but I have been lately. Cindy has discovered FoodNetwork.com and the 
recipes> are awesome. Her business is a bit slower, and she has had more time 
to> cook. It's my biggest issue right now. Trying not to eat so much, when 
it's> soooooo tasty!>> JC>>> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 10:44 AM, Mongar, Brian 
<Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:>> I had to rule out being too busy and get 
up at 5-5:45 everyday so I am> finished by the time my son is getting up.  I 
run about 20-25 miles a week,> most everyday I do 25 min of cardio and 2-3 days 
a week 45 minutes(around 4> miles at 6mph on the tredmill)> I focus mostly on 
the weight training but right now I am doing 6 days a> week, each bodygroup 2 
times a week, changing the excersizes every week to> get sore each time. 
Tremendous amounts of whole foods, you wouldn't b elieve> how much I am eating 
and still loosing weight.> Breakfast was 9 eggwhites(no salt or butter, plain), 
bowl of plain quick> oats with a little cinnamon only, and a heaping half cup 
of mixed veggies,> light salsa and Jalepenos on top.> That is the first of 6 
meals  thruout the day, it is really hard to get it> all down, but good whole 
food is naturally very low in calories,. So in> order to rebuild and have 
energy fot the next day, I have to eat that much.>  The crazy part is, I am 
losing weight so it is still not enough calories.> March 1st will change to 
grow, and will have to eat 50% more.  Mayan Riiera> vacation planned soon so 
want to cut down before> then.>> John, the worst part is no fun beers for now 
:-(>> Sent from my Treo™ Pro on the Now Network™ from Sprint®>> -----Original 
Message-----> From: Chris Lindh <chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx>> Sent: Wednesday, 
January 20, 2010 10:33 AM> To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>> 
Subject: [elky] Re: CAGS was Re: Re: (no subject)>>> Wow that is major 
progress.  Impressive.  I bet you feel better too.> Work has crowded out time 
for workouts, but I make sure I get at least> one in a week.  The Y has a 
Fitlinxx system that keeps track of your> reps & sets on each machine, and your 
overall workout.  Lately I've> been trying to see how much total weight I can 
lift in one session by> doing sets of 12 instead of 10, raising the weight, 
etc.  I was amazed> that a small change could take my total weight lifted from 
the mid 30K> pounds to over 50K.  I'm skipping cardio... but I'll get back to 
it...> the busy season for my wife will make schedules tricky around our> 
house.>> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 11:26 AM, Mongar, Brian> 
<Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:>> Yes, I know about most everything 
available, but lack motivation, being>> focused elsewhere.>>>> Weighed in at 
172.5 this morning, when I started I was right about 230.>>  Not only have I 
lost considerable weight, I have gotten a lot stronger and>> built up my frame 
considerably, my personal trainer buddy(guy at the office>> I have known for 
10years) says I have lost around 70lbs of fat, since I have>> put on a good 
amount of lean muscle.  I feel 10 years younger after a run in>> the morning to 
get loosened up- I can't move very comfortably until I do>> about 10 min 
jogging on the tredmil, arthritis and tendonitis are a b#@ch,>> but the light 
jog helps a ton, glucosamine cond... Has helped quite a bit>> too.>> I don't 
want to be that fat guy that can't coach his sons soccer.  I am>> actually 
trying to get my 5 year old to take Judo with me, being a wrestler>> in 
highschool/college, I know those guys that knew Judo had a strong>> 
advantage>>>> Just last night I bought a Hoist V2 home gym to replace the 
bowflex.  $400>> for a machine they spent $2000 on a year and a half ago, then 
was deployed>> overseas for 16 months, only got to come back to sell his stuff 
and move to>> England.  The Hoist is supposed to  be the best home gym out 
there, itlooks>> like it should be, very high quality const, and all the 
bowflexes on>> craigslist are twice what I paid for the V2, so I should end up 
at least>> even.>>>>>>>> Sent from my Treo™ Pro on the Now Network™ from 
Sprint®>>>> -----Original Message----->> From: Chris Lindh 
<chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx>>> Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 9:35 AM>> To: 
elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>> Subject: [elky] Re: CAGS was Re: Re: 
(no subject)>>>>>> I'm sure you know it's a $20 harness and a plug and play 
deal at the>> trans... I guess I drive conservatively, I noticed CAGS fairly>> 
often... but that was 3.5 years ago.  You can even make your own>> harness 
http://www.cadillacfaq.com/faq/answers/cags/index.html (I'd>> still opt for the 
$20 pre-made harness).>>>> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 10:27 AM, Mongar, Brian>> 
<Brian.Mongar@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:>>>>>> Every time I get down to wanting to mod 
the car, I realize I am starting>>> with the wrong car, it may stay it may go, 
I like it the way it is but>>> really want a streetable 700hp car, I know I am 
stupid that way, but 400>>> isn't  cutting it, and there are quite a few cars 
out there that can much>>> more easily get there and handle it much better.>>> 
Besides, I don't have time to play right now, been so busy with work and>>> 
happy about that.  Today the V is good cause I can't drive it with 2 feet of>>> 
snow and potholes galore, but come summer we'll see.  My buddy says his 2200>>> 
hp 90 chevy truck is getting close, so the itch will be severe.>>>>>> TheCAGS 
is annoying but not very often do I even notice it>>>>>> Sent from my Treo™ Pro 
on the Now Network™ from Sprint®>>>>>> -----Original Message----->>> From: 
Chris Lindh <chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx>>>> Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 9:17 
AM>>> To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>>> Subject: [elky] CAGS was 
Re: Re: (no subject)>>>>>>>>> Besides the annoyance of the trans locking you 
out of gears you will>>> get better MPG if you get rid of CAGS.  I'm sure 
you're driving it>>> harder to avoid CAGS.  I had mine taken out of the 
programming on the>>> LT1... I hated it and it is unnerving for anyone else who 
drives the>>> car and doesn't know what is happening.>>> Rules: Please play 
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