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LOL :)

Smokey Mt Frank  

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You described the situation very well.  Fortunately, we  never used the 
plastic molding.

However, you have confuded me  with the latter part of your note.  It seems 
to imply that the last  wall painted was behind the toilet and it is in the 
family  room.  Me thinks that is carrying the concept of family 
togetherness in  the family room too far.


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count your blessings - with the bowl out this wife noticed the  area behind 
had not been painted, too.  So I grabbed the new can of The  Color and 
painted away.  touched up where the plastic baseboad was  glued to the wall, 
too.  (NEVER NEVER use that stuff). Weeks pass,  toilet put back in with new 
insides (still drains as it fills, though) and  it's time to patch the wall 
where the exploratory hole was made.   Patched and painted the entire wall.  
It's yellow.  the mix got  too much yellow squirt in it.  Now there are 4 
colors in the family  room.  And yellow behind the toilet.  3 colors was one 
too many,  four it getting to carnival status.  I hate  painting....


Good for you, John.  And here I wasted the day changing  out the wax ring 
on a toilet bowl; no kidding.   Took a little while  because with the bowl 
out me darlin' wife noticed the wall behind the  tank had not been painted the 
latest color of the walls; and that could not  stand.  And, "oh by the way. 
Honey, could you change the molding behind  the bowl while we're in there? 
And did you know the molding in the linen  closet was never changed when we 
did the rest of the  bathroom?"



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