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  • From: Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 11:27:30 -0700


It seems here in the northwest it is fairly common to put a full bath in the kitchen so when 'someone' comes home from a hard day of installing drain fields he can take a shower the minute he walks in the back door. Which is what we have - a full bathroom in the corner of the kitchen just inside the back/garage door. Putting a floor down meant doing the kitchen (which is attached to the family room), the bathroom, the back hall and the laundry (Jake's boudoir).

Being from the east coast, a bathroom in the kitchen means it was common to put one there because someone figured out the only bathroom was on the second floor and your house is OLD and that's where the plumbing was accessible.

Moving it is on the 'someday' list but it means rearranging all the plumbing. So for now we live with the full bathroom in the kitchen.



However, you have confuded me with the latter part of your note. It seems to imply that the last wall painted was behind the toilet and it is in the family room. Me thinks that is carrying the concept of family togetherness in the family room too far.

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