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  • From: John Christensen <johncgg@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 05:12:11 -0500

LOL This is good Dan.

When my brother in law came up from FL (He is a plumber) I enlisted his help
to change both toilets to water savers. The flush a lot better and quieter
too. The old ones were from 1973. Yes, I painted the walls behind them. I
had to mix a couple colors to get close on the one upstairs. Cindy has since
gotten the proper paint, so I have that job yet to do.

One thing really leads to another when you start a job like that. Hopefully
the water lines worked out OK. I hate plumbing of any kind.


On Sun, Oct 9, 2011 at 11:00 PM, Dann Keller <kwhale22@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Good for you, John.  And here I wasted the day changing out the wax ring
> on a toilet bowl; no kidding.   Took a little while because with the bowl
> out me darlin' wife noticed the wall behind the tank had not been painted
> the latest color of the walls; and that could not stand.  And, "oh by the
> way. Honey, could you change the molding behind the bowl while we're in
> there? And did you know the molding in the linen closet was never changed
> when we did the rest of the bathroom?"
> Dan
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> From: johncgg@xxxxxxxxx
> Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 18:45:47 -0500
> Subject: [elky] Busy Sunday
> To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; tmstraiker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I woke up this morning and took the El Camino to the school. It was 80 and
> sunny, just beautiful today. Tom was working on painting the Gator School
> Colors of Black and Orange, instead of John Deer Green and yellow. They use
> it at the field during games I think. So he was there with one of the kids
> from the Auto Club.
> I put it up on the lift right after I got there, and it was just as I
> suspected, the rubber hose to tank tube connection was leaking at the return
> line. This is actually the old fuel sending line, and is bigger in diameter.
> Robert made a new supply line when he modified my sending unit for the pump.
> I had a Fuel injection style clamp on it that was a bit too big. So the hose
> was crimping with a little V in it that made it leak. Putting a standard
> style smaller clamp on it cleared up the problem right away. Thanks to Tom
> for that clamp and the opportunity to use the lift.
> Elkenstein is running and driving as good as it ever has. Any of you that
> want to drive it are welcome. It's a treat for me, I can tell you. It even
> sounds different with adequate fuel pressure coming from the new pump. When
> I am cruising, I can mash it, and it has torque galore. I still have yet to
> put it to the floor, Not that I am afraid of what will happen when it breaks
> loose, but that I want to keep a decent rate on my insurance, and I honestly
> have more motor than I can use driving around the streets here. I need to
> find an autocross or something. To say it feels tight is an understatement.
> Very confident feel. Firm, but predictable, and if I push it, something else
> will be the weak link now, and not the structure. No rattles at all now.
> It's hard to say what will be next on the list, but I have a list. Not in
> this order, but some will have to happen at the same time.
>    - Now that the fuel pump is in, I am going to get the performance chip
>    burned. Just need to confirm all the data again first. I'll be gathering
>    some more.
>    - OVERDRIVE ... I have a line on a 2004r built up for 500HP tolerance.
>    The guy spent $450 on it, and wants to get that out of it. I am saving to
>    give it to him.
>    - I will need a double hump cross member to change the exhaust, and
>    will have to modify the frame a bit..... but it just so happens that I have
>    a welder now.
>    - I will at least need to change one side of the headers, but will
>    probably do both. Anyone have preferences here?
>    - I have been looking at side pipes, and I just love them. If I don't
>    do that, I may come out before the wheels kind of like Ray's approach only
>    both sides. But I like side pipes, and it makes it look even lower. See
>    this 
> link<http://www.jegs.com/i/Patriot-Exhaust/737/H1050/10002/-1?parentProductId=>
>     - Wheels.... Going to go with Gray center Torque Thrust II or M in 17"
>    to allow for big brakes.
>    - Did I mention Big Brakes? Robert had a set up he was talking about,
>    using larger S-10 Rotors, and spindles, and tubular upper A arms.
>    - To get the power to the ground I would need at least tubular rear
>    control arms, and probably a Posi too. The 3.23 gears will be fine. 26
>    spline, 3.08 or numerically higher posi carrier is what I am looking for.
> I figure about 2 years to get this done. 3 if I am not lucky on parts
> acquisition.
> Then, I got the window replaced in the kitchen. My neighbor Jose came over
> to help me with peeling back the siding and wrestling it in to place. It was
> a great help, adn I really appreciated it. I just have to finish the wood
> framing inside now. I'll probably use Oak to match the cabinets.
> Now it's time for a cup of coffee, and some CAD work while Cindy is at her
> book club. Is anyone else tired just reading this? Great day.
> JC

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