[elky] Re: Boise roadster show (DVD slide shows and T-Mobile)

  • From: Chris Lindh <chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 10:00:28 -0400

Wow... what a hassle... that's why I keep "upgrade phone" at the bottom of
my to-do...

Phone companies, cable companies... what a pain.

On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 8:30 AM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  Thanks, John.  Hey...you got any spare candles around there?  I seem to
> have burned all mine up.  :)  I gotta leave for scenic downtown Pocatello,
> Id in a coupla hours and...well, they say there's no rest for the weary...or
> the wicked, depending, I spose on yer point of view.  :)
> Here's an interesting question for ya.  I'm just barely gettin started
> makin slide shows on DVD.  I'm usin Nero (the version that came with the DVD
> drive, 'course it's "only a demo" so ya gotta pay the ransom if ya wanna use
> it "fer keeps.")  I think you've done some of this stuff, haven't you?  If
> so, do you have any advice for the wicked....I mean weary?  (I think it may
> be double shot of 5 hour energy drink day.)
> Anyway, by the end of the day we should have some shots from "Chrome in the
> Dome," the show at the Idaho State U's covered field...it was the first in
> the country at a college, btw...as if that makes any difference, and I'm
> gonna be testing out my new GPS (Garmin 1300) that I just got yesterday.
> After gettin so turned around in Boise, I figgered I needed a little help.
> So a friend gave me a little help.  He bought it at WalMart (he's an
> employee) and we got a bit of a discount.  I'll see how it works.
> I woulda had a Motorola Cliq smart phone/pda but T-mobile and WalMart
> weren't exactly on speaking terms.  Seems that WalMart doesn't pay their
> T-Mobile kiosk employees commission, while they DO at the T-Mobile store.
> The price for the unit at that store is $160.  At WalMart (I really don't
> like shopping there...it's like rewarding bad behavior, but sometimes ya
> gotta do what ya gotta do) the price was $79.  A no-brainer.  I should be
> able to get it tomorrow or I may have to wait until Monday.
> This is a strange deal.  I had to call T-Mobile from WalMart and keep
> pestering the guy on the phone until I got 1) unlimited minutes and 2)
> unlimited bandwidth for less than I was paying for 1500 minutes a month on
> my old plan.  Then we tried to do a phone upgrade.  I'm 17 months into a 2
> year contract.  I kept at him and finally handed the phone to the lovely
> young lady who was helping me and eventually the guy, after 15 minutes of
> pleading that he couldn't do anything, was able to flip a bit in my database
> record that would make me eligible for the upgrade.
> Is anybody familiar with the "Red Tape Chronicles?"  Well, I'll add more
> about that later.
> Anyway, it takes some time to filter thru the system, I guess.  So it
> didn't show on WalMart's system.  The young lady (named Angel, with a
> tattooed necklace...I wonder what she's gonna do when that necklace doesn't
> go with the wedding dress she chooses, yanno?) anyway, she printed out the
> price and suggested I go to the T-Mobile store and see if they would be
> willing to match prices.
> I went to that store (about 100 yards across the parking lot and just told
> the young lady there that she had a choice: either accept the commission on
> the lower price...and get something...or get nothing if they wouldn't match
> the price.  Now this flies in the face of all logic, but she and another
> lady talked about it and finally decided that they couldn't do any
> competitive price matching.  So she got zero commission and I'll go buy the
> phone from WalMart after a day or so...or maybe Amazon.
> Robert: I understand your affinity for Nokia phones and ATT, but I'm ok
> with T-Mobile's service.  The frequency's never posed any problems that I
> know of and as a "long-term customer, they were willing to do all sorts of
> things for me to keep me.  When I dealt with ATT last year for the cell
> modem, I got all sorts of runaround and a $5 charge for this and a $5 charge
> for that and I really wasn't happy with their cell modem, which, according
> to the people at ATT, was the latest and greatest.  I'd sure hate to see the
> oldest and worstest.  So I'm not too worried about staying with T-Mobile.
> Besides...I like the Cliq device.  It's an Android device, which, in my
> opinion, beats an iPhone and an iPod Touch (I'd have to buy both to get the
> functionality I'd get with the Cliq device) all to hell.  Besides...it's
> based on open source Symbian Linux rather than on the Mac OS.  And there are
> a whole lotta free apps for it.  So it's what I've decided to go with.  If
> it's a bad decision, I guess I'll have to live with it.
> Back to the saga, I just put off the Cliq purchase (I'm wondering if I can
> get Amazon's 1 cent deal, now that they bit-fiddled with my "plan" and
> upgrade status) until after the status change is reflected in the external
> data warehouse (at least that's how I envision it working) until I get back
> from Pocatello and then I should be ready for the Rockabilly Weekend in 2
> weeks in Las Vegas.  Confused yet?  Me, too.
> Yanno, 3.5 hours of sleep isn't quite enough.  But I'll have to wait until
> this evening before I can crash...Miles to go before I zonk out for the
> night, just to trash Robert Frost's poem:
> http://quotations.about.com/cs/poemlyrics/a/Stopping_ByWood.htm
> I gotta get some other stuff done.
> Updates as news happens...and next time I should be able to post updates
> from a smart phone.
> r
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> On 3/19/2010 5:25 AM, John Christensen wrote:
> Great job Ray. Lots of fat fenders. Some really nice ones. It would be fun
> to take on one of those, but I don's have the extra $60K+laying around.
> JC
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> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:47 AM, Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Photos on the server:
>> http://www.chevyasylum.com/cruisin/cruisin2010/20100312/Welcome.html
>> I'm wiped out.  Gotta get some rest.
>> r
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