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  • From: Ray Buck <rbuck@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 08:48:13 -0600

Well, ok. Here's the deal. I've had a lotta negative experiences doing personal selling. I got to where I dreaded it. I was always telling myself, "I hate selling." Of course that reinforced the belief.

I knew I wuz gonna have to sell myself (world's oldest profession...selling) and my product. I knew I couldn't continue with that attitude...something would break and it would probably be me.

So after some a lot of prayer and meditation, I realized that the problem lay at the root: what I was telling myself. Not the act of selling, but my own internal dialog. So I started telling myself, "I used to hate selling, but now I'm better at it. And every time I make a sales call/pitch, I get a little better still." I also reinforced my belief that I AM a good photographer and the shots I'm presenting to a potential customer ARE very good. Not just ok, but very good.

Then when I went to people with some sample prints in my hands, I'd just tell them what I could do for them and leave it at that...but I always asked for the order...in a low-key way. I'm told that this is the "soft sell" technique. Well, it musta worked cuz I left with a pretty decent amount of cash in my pocket and more to come when I get CDs in the mail.

This is what I've always heard referred to as "positive self-talk." I know it works, but this was a very dramatic example of it. So when I go out for World of Speed (we'll find out in about 90 minutes if it's been rained out or not) I'll be sure to have some sample photos from Speed Week and a good attitude.

I'm having a hard time believing that it's me writing this stuff. For a guy who spent most of his life as a "glass half-empty", Type A personality with a bad attitude, it really doesn't seem in character at all. But a whole lot has changed over the last 18 years and a lot of it has occurred in the last 4 or 5 years. I really believe that I've become a Type B person and I've come to look at the glass as at least half full, if not overflowing. Take it for what it's worth.


At 08:15 AM 9/16/2009, you wrote:
"new mental attitude toward selling"?

Do tell...

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 10:02 PM, Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> for 1/2 a mile away that's a pretty darn good pic.
> glad to hear you're having fun and making a little cash, too.
> excellent!
> mary
>> I covered a race event that lasted 4.5 days last week and I'd be on
>> the salt flats if it wasn't for this little rain issue they've had
>> there.  A decision was to be made at 10:00 am today...and they made
>> one.  They decided that a decision would be made at 10 am
>> tomorrow.  (Sits here, twiddling his thumbs...and editing
>> photos.)  If they decide to push things back by one day, then I'll be
>> there Wednesday, Thursday and half of Friday.  I'll come back to
>> shoot qualifying for the Grand-Am race at Miller's and stay to shoot
>> the race on Saturday.  Then I'll go back to the salt for a week.  If
>> the event is cancelled, I'll spend 2.5 days at Miller's and then see
>> if the Streamliner Shootout will take place.  Weather: the ultimate
>> powerlessness.
>> As for the sugar plum fairies, in the final race of the NASA
>> Championships last weekend, it seems that a Corvette (I believe it's
>> the brand-new Pfadt car...a local race car builder) and a Viper were
>> discussing 2nd place; the Viper had it and the Corvette driver wanted
>> it.  On the last lap the Viper slid wide in turn 3 and got a couple
>> of wheels in the dirt, forcing him to lift off the throttle for a
>> moment.  The Corvette driver used that opportunity to go by on the
>> left.  But the driver of the Viper wasn't about to put up with that
>> so he attempted to get back on the track as soon as possible.  When
>> he did his car made contact with the Corvette (and I believe he hurt
>> something underneath his car) and the Vette went flying and the Viper
>> spinning.
>> I bleeve they both came back on rollbacks.  I know the Viper did.  I
>> don't think either driver was too happy with the whole deal.
>> I've just attached one photo and it's cropped from a shot made from
>> turn 1 all the way across the track....about half a mile.  I've got
>> several more of the whole thing but a lot of it is obscured by dust.
>> It was an interesting few days....sometimes it was hours of boredom
>> (Spec Miata and 944 Spec classes tend to be slow and boring)
>> punctuated by moments of cynical excitement as someone would spin and
>> hopefully be caught on digital film.
>> I shot a whole lotta photos (around 9500) and made a decent amount of
>> money by selling prints and CDs with photos on 'em...which will be
>> mailed out in October.  Most people were happy to pay in advance,
>> since I'd throw a print or two in with the deal and let 'em have
>> something in their hand for the money.  I also adopted a new mental
>> attitude toward selling that seemed to help...a lot.
>> Now...to wait and see if I'm heading for the salt tomorrow or not.  I
>> spose I'll do some more photo work.
>> Ray
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