[elky] AN Hose

  • From: Chris Lindh <chrislindh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: elky@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2010 19:17:44 -0500

Have any of you made AN braided hoses?  I've never been interested in AN
hose because of the expense, but now that I am in the performance parts
business I have access to "private label" AN fittings and hose that is
considerably less expensive.  (I also have customers buying fittings & lines
as a complement to carburetors I have in inventory.)

When I plumbed the EFI on the '80 I used:

3/8" hard line for the feed line joined with connectors
Pre-crimped Aeroquip hydraulic line for the soft connection to the filter
and from the filter to the fuel rail
Stock old feed line for the return line
Aeroquip blue push lock hose from the fuel rail to the return fuel line
GM OE EFI filter, Fram G3727

It appears the pre-crimped hydraulic hoses I used are leaking some fuel.
They are also stiff and heavy.  You can see one of the lines (not connected)
in this photo: http://chrislindh.googlepages.com/010306003mid.jpg

I'm also wondering if I should try a different filter, the fittings I used
to adapt the filter to AN have a small orifice...  Then again I have 6 or 7
new ones left...



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