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  • From: Mary McCarthy <printces@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 09:54:43 -0700

    The tile floor we know all about.  Yes, the tile was 99 cents
    each.  All 31 boxes with 15 in each.  then there was the 4 $42
    buckets of mastic.   Then all those little buckets of grout (we're
old, we like pre-mixed stuff).

Eww stinky mastic. I'm not a fan of it other than a few small jobs or repairs. Premix is allot easier though.

yeah, it was the pre-mixed stuff in a huge bucket. I put it on wheels I bought for a tree (house plant) we move in and out with the seasons and rolled it around. Helped a lot.

Yup it adds up really quick. The laundry room floor alone will cost around $500-800 or so depending on what deals I can find on craigslist or on tile row (highway 121, lots of tile places and other suppliers) Going to find a ceramic she can live with instead of the travertine cause ceramic is allot more durable and it's in a very high traffic and rough use area.

Yeah, I don't know what it cost yet. I have the bills and have to do the accounting for income tax purposes (because WA has no income tax we are allowed to deduct a % of sales tax plus any large purchase sales tax amounts). I'd guesstimate around $2000 for between 350 and 400 square feet.

Yeah I know I was checking how a piece of crown molding would look in the living room... It's going to be interesting to try to put it up in there. I have a couple left over pieces of cherry I was using and Geri liked it... I get 8' lengths of cherry crown for $80 a pack of 5 IIRC. I won't use it in the house cause I prefer 16' pieces and no joints.

the tile was porcelain and it is tough stuff. Banging it down with a mallet I only shattered one tile. And tools got dropped on it,you know how that goes. We figured for a high traffic area we wanted tough. That travertine will be there forever, though. that's tough.
Cherry sounds really nice. House came mostly oak (apparently the realtor couldn't tell the difference because the listing said "oak throughout') but some of it is hemlock or pine. Slowly we're putting the rest of the oak up.

The travertine we just did was $2 a sq ft. The lighter the color the higher the price.


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