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Thanks, I like the checkered window coverings.  I have that same box, cept I 
don't have the top piece either...shh don't tell... I too have the bottom and 
middle, gave dad the top. 
I ended up with 2 new sets, purchased only 1.  1 is red (all 3 pieces), the 
other black like yours.

I wish mine had a refrigerator and stereo in it like the one on display at 
lowes :P

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<Anybody have some good ideas for easy cabinet doors?  Was thinking of just 
cutting up some of the white particle board and painting the edges, but I keep 
thinking there must be a good reason I don't see that...

oh, break down, photo attached. Sears.  A little difficult to get them hung 
with the doors straight but they just go up onto prehung brackets.  Like muh 
toolbox? Dan made the bench for me.

>Any kind words on Floor coatings, what to use and what not to?

haven't used them.  (it's that moving everything out of the way thing). 
They are not cheap, although lowes sent us a coupon (maybe it was HD, not
sure) for some% off.  I'll look when I go downstairs.  They only thing I've 
heard is that with the sprinkles, it can be difficult to find small parts that 
fall on the floor. 

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