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Yes, it sure is a nice Riviera ... I've seen it in person, I believe.  I'd LOVE 
to have it, but no funds at the moment.

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Very nice!

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I love the boat tail, first year for the 5 MPH bumpers.
Smokey Mt Frank 

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My   friend Bob Christ just listed his Riviera for sale on Craig's List. 


He   is trying to get funding to finish his 1964 Riviera that in the process of 
  being frame off restored. It's been on hold for years. It's a dual quad   
original motor car, and it's been 15 years since he has driven it.   

John Christensen
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John Christensen
1984 El Camino "Elkenstein" 350 TBI
NECOA   #042 http://www.myelcamino.net
Saint Charles, IL   


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