[eispice] eispice-0.4 Released

  • From: Charles Eidsness <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: eispice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2006 17:52:51 -0400

eispice-0.4 has just been released.

The new release contains the following updates:
- Added a csv option the the eiconvert utility.
- Added eiibis utility to convert ibis models into libraries usable by 
eispice. It's still in the prototype stage, take a look at the ibis.sh 
shell script in the test directory or post to the mailing list for usage 
- Added some options control.
- Added loss argument to T element.
- Added PWC Piece-Wise Cubic Spline extension of the PWL model.
- Added option to load a pwl, pwc, vil, or vic table from a rawspice 
file, syntax is PWL(file <filename> <variable name 1> <variable name 2>)
- Changed IV B element option to VIL / VIC.
- Added Gear Numerical Integration (though it doesn't work that well yet).
- Fixed SuperLU crashing bug (if there are two voltage sources that 
share nodes)

You can download the new release from the eispice webpage:

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