[eispice] Re: eispice on a MAC

  • From: Charles Eidsness <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: eispice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 08:09:02 -0400

Hi Jon,

It looks like your system is missing the libg2c library, it's required by the 
Fortan77 code to be called by the C code. I have a new version of eispice that 
migrates to Fortran95 (thanks to help from Brendan) which replaces libg2c with 
libgfortran. I will release it today, maybe give it a try, it may resolve this 


Jon Choy wrote:
> I didn't think you had a MAC; but I was hoping one of your users would. I 
> redirected the installation to a log file. It has a bunch of make statements; 
> but I suspect it is because I got fairly far along. I also suspect I am 
> missing some important dependency. Anyway, tell me what you think.
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