[eispice] Re: Python Interface

  • From: Thomas Traber <thomas.traber@xxxxxxx>
  • To: eispice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 10:06:51 +0100

Hi Charles,

here's an example of the circuit entry syntax I would like to have.
The correspondig schematic can be found at

There is no need to put this interface in eispice.py.
One can create a spearate file eispiceui.py for example.

It utilizes the following hypothetical features:

      * autmatic labeling
      * automatic node numbering
      * automatic connection of new component to last node
      * automatic conversion of text string component values to floating
        point component values 

d.vpwl(data)                        # piecewise linear voltage 
                                    # source to ground
d.r(50,"source")                    # series resistor with 50 Ohm to node 
d.r(55,0)                           # resistor with 55 Ohm from last node to gnd
componentobject=d.r(33)             # series resistor from last node
print componentobject.name
print componentobject.label
print componentobject.value
print componentobject.pins
print componentobject.node[pins[0]]    
d.c("22u","source")                 # Capacitor 22uF from last node to "source"
d.l(1e-9,3,"hotspot")               # Inductor 1nH from node 3 to node "hotspot"
print diodeobject.node["a"]
print d.nodes
for component in d.components:
      print component.name, component.label, component.value 

Hopefully I'll find some time to write a script with at least the basic
functionality - or will somebody else do it?


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