[eispice] Future Direction of eispice

  • From: Charles Eidsness <charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: eispice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:18:11 -0500

Hi All,

I'm contemplating the future direction of eispice development and am 
hoping to get some input / discussion from interested parties. There are 
a few things I'm interested in adding to eispice (in no particular order):

1. A netlist import / manipulation tool:
-- eventually I would like to be able to load a netlist, parts-list, 
model-map from an ecad toolset and be able to run an automated test 
suite, i.e. for automated pre-routing analysis.

2. Improved T-line models:
-- maybe a txl element from kspice, or eventually a w-like element from 
HSPICE, integrating a 2D field solver my be cool too, and an import 
feature from a routed PCB's Gerber file or something like that, an 
S-Parameter model might be cool too

3. A Digital Signalling Layer:
-- for doing timing analysis, ISI analysis, making pretty pictures, etc...

3. A more powerful Behavioural model:
-- currently there is a traditional B-element from SPICE with an added 
time variable, it's fairly powerful but it uses the calculon calculator 
library, it might be cool to port calculon to Python, then B-Element 
equations could be defined using Python code which will make things like 
if statements, print statements, etc.. available

4. Native Windows Support:
-- for now eispice requires a POSIX environment to run, the user base 
may increase if that was requirement was removed and Windows installer 
was created

5. Remove the Numeric Library Dependency:
-- All that Numeric is used for is for multi-dimensional arrays, it may 
make sense to use something else to hold the arrays, then the user could 
  chose whatever library they want for post-processing, i.e. scipy, 
numpy, etc...

6. Improved User-Interface:
-- Right now the user interface is kind of rough, there's lots of room 
for improvement.

Is there anything else you would like eispice to do?

Also, has anyone used eispice for anything beyond the trivial examples 
and test files that come with it? If so did you run into any issues? Did 
it fail to do something that you were hoping for?

Any input is appreciated, and if you would like to get more involved in 
development just let me know what you're interested in working on and we 
can coordinate development. Also, if anyone has any questions about the 
architecture of eispice, i.e. "I want it to do this, what do I have to 
change?", etc... or suggestions on how to do things better please don't 
hesitate to ask.

If you're interested in learning about spice-like simulators, or already 
know all about them and have some ideas on how to make them better now 
is a great time roll up your sleeves and get involved. I'm happy to add 
code, features, etc... from others, even if it's experimental stuff.

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