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Un festival qu'il faut pas louper !!!

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5 - 10 february 2002
international media art festival berlin

klosterstr. 68-70
10179 berlin
fon +49 30 2472 1907
fax +49 30 2472 1909

+ + + t r a n s m e d i a l e . 0 2 + + +  n e w s l e t t e r  01
+ + + 12/10/01 + + + t r a n s m e d i a l e . 0 2  + + +
international media art festival + + + Feb. 5-10th, 2002

1. Juries' nominations for transmediale.02 awards
2. Image
2. Interaction
3. Software


1. Juries' nominations for transmediale.02 awards

Three juries made up of international media experts selected nominated works
in October 2001 for the transmediale.02 awards. From a total of some 800
entries 16 projects have been shortlisted for three prizes worth 5.000 Euro
each. The prize winners will be announced and awarded at the ceremony on 9th
February 2002. The nominated works will be presented in advance during the
festival (exhibition, video screenings, media lounge) and in the
competition's special screening.

For the first time the category "Image" contains not only video works, but
the full scope of linear and non-linear moving images . The category
"Interaction" focuses more on open interactive systems in which the
interacting participant actually causes changes in the work. The category
"Software" covers artistic works centering around the development und
performance of computer code


2. Image

"4 Vertigo", a video work by Les LeVeque (US) who condensed and quadrupeled
Hitchcock's movie, generating a stuttering kaleidoscopic montage. Harald
Holba's (AT) 3-D animated "Pool_2" conveys the experience of personal
perception in strained situations. Jocelyn Robert's (CA) animated video loop
"L'Invention des animaux" centers around the apparent antipodes of art and
nature. "Map 50" by the group desperate optimists (GB) is a refreshing and
formally challenging web-soap set in the coordinates of the Greater London
street map. The hidden sound of the urban environment can be traced with
Hidekazu Minami's (J) "Infrasonic Soundscape" of New York City. Laurent
Vicentes Video (F) "Les Doubres" is an ironic performance of two
skate-boarders without skate-boards. Kurt Ralske's (US) "UR.02" indicates
the new aesthetics of software-based audiovisual performances in which sound
and images can be treated with equal fluidity.


3. Interaction

Jason Freeman's (US) "Telephone Etude 1 Shakespeare Cuisinart" is an
electronic composition operated via telephone callers contribute their
favourite quote by Shakespeare. Sensors scan visitor's reactionsand
influence the naarative in the non-linear video installation "Affective
Cinema" by Torpus/Durieux (CH/NL). The interactive dance performance
"...seine hohle Form..." by the Palindrome Dance Company (US/DE) creates
sound, light and visual projections through the dancers' movements.
"Hellomrpresident" by Johannes Gees (CH), an interactive media happening
using SMS, took place during the World Economic Forum 2001 in
Davos/Switzerland. Local Area Network (CH) created "TraceNoizer -
Disinformation on Demand", a tool that supports the obscuring of identity by
spreading data clones on the web.


4. Software

"roman retrograde" by Hahn/Schiffermueller (DE) is an electronic
archaeologist investigating the computer hard disk and randomly presenting
long forgotten texts. "forkbomb.pl" by Alex McLean (UK) puts the computer
under stress until it suffocates from its own activity. "Retroyou r/c" by
Joan Leandre (E) is based on a custom computer game whose rules of space,
gravitation and speed have been manipulated. Local Area Network's software
"TraceNoizer" is nominated not only for the Interaction award, but also in
the Software category.
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