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  • From: "Joseph E. Beck" <joseph.beck@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 20:49:01 -0500

John, I probably wasn't clear:  my goal wasn't to put extra scheduling
hassles on anyone interested in making an EDM tutorial.  I was more worried
there would be nothing happening, so wanted to give an easy way to get
started to someone who was perhaps marginally interested.

So propose away :-)  A half-day tutorial on datashop makes a ton of sense as
a separate entity.  (If you want to put more stuff together for a day-long
tutorial, that's possible as well).

Anyone else up for a 90-minute tutorial on their favorite EDM technique,
topic, or tool?


On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 10:16 AM, John Stamper <john@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Joe,
> We are putting together a proposal for a half day tutorial on
> DataShop. We are planning to spend half (of the half) on learning
> curves and the web application and the other half on using the new web
> services. We would be happy to team up and fit into 2 of your 90
> minute sessions. If you have a good topic, I am sure I can drum up a
> fourth around here, if no one else is interested.
> John
> On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 6:53 PM, Joseph E. Beck <josephbeck@xxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> > Hi, I wanted to throw out an idea for ITS2010 and see if anyone is
> > interested.  At AIED09 we had a tutorial on EDM and it was well received.
> >  It would be nice to have another one at ITS this year.  Tutorial
> proposals
> > are due Friday January 29.
> > Typically, tutorials are half a day or a full day.  I realize that even
> half
> > a day might seem like a large amount of time to fill, but there are even
> > smaller increments that are possible.  Consider the typical tutorial day:
> > ~90 minutes of tutorial
> > coffee break
> > ~90 minutes of tutorial
> > lunch
> > ~90 minutes of tutorial
> > coffee break
> > ~90 minutes of tutorial
> > Do you think you can give a tutorial for *90* minutes?  If you're going
> to
> > show people how to use a particular technique, that's enough time to
> explain
> > the problem you're trying to solve, where it applies, the insight behind
> > your approach, the technical details, and some applications where you
> > analyze some real data (either you do it on screen, or groups analyze and
> > you wander around to help).
> > I think a *great* EDM tutorial could be made from 2 (for a half day) or 4
> > (for a full day) of these 90 minute sessions.  In addition to simplifying
> > your lives, it makes things easier for attendees since if there is some
> > technique they don't care about, they know when it will be discussed and
> can
> > make other plans for that block of time (pop into a workshop, hang out in
> > the tropical paradise of Pittsburgh, etc.).
> > If you're interested, send an email to the list.  If you're not
> interested
> > in talking, but there is a topic someone knows you want to know more
> about,
> > send an email to the list.  Who knows, it might shame that person into
> > volunteering :-)
> > In the interests of full disclosure, I'm co-chair for Workshops and
> > Tutorials, so have a vested interest.  But I'll put some skin in the
> game.
> >  If we get some momentum behind this and need a second or fourth person
> to
> > fill up the day, let me know and I'll propose one of the 90 minute
> sessions.
> >  If we get two or four sessions without me, that's fine too.
> >
> > joe
> >
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> > Joseph E. Beck
> > Assistant Professor
> > Computer Science Department, Fuller Labs 138
> > Worcester Polytechnic Institute
> >

Joseph E. Beck
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