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You can get data if you get in touch with tutors at UMUC (www.umuc.edu/). They 
are developing novel educational and research strategies (key-words: 
intelligence, testing, tutoring system, etc).
(Just Try)
Good luck!

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Hi Kavitha

You can get a lot of data (longitudinal as well) of the students if you get in 
touch with creators of an adaptive learning system, Mindspark, currently 
implemented in schools in India and abroad (across continents). The data is 
both demographically rich as well as huge in numbers.

You can contact the database owner at mindspark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks and regards,

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Dear Sir / Mam,

I registered for PhD last month. I wish to do on 'imparting more intelligence 
in adaptive testing in intelligent tutoring system'
I feel this as a broad area. within this, how can i narrow down?
Apart from PSLC, where can i get data set for testing?
If i propose something new, how can i test with large community of learners?

thanking you,

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