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Grimme Landmaschinen is missing from the list. I'll try to find the turnover 
for the companies.

-- Olli

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Dear All,

I think we should mention that (since artemis is industrially driven program) :

ECO PREMISES is led by the four global mobile working machine OEM's market 
leaders: Sandvik Mining and Construction Ltd, Cargotec Ltd, John Deere Ltd and 
Case-New Holland Ltd.


Is this ok and where to put it? 

May be some one knows the annual the turnover of the companies ? This could be 
a serious indicator of how serious proposal we have? 



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Dear all,

I compiled some statements from the harvesting sector, demonstrating the impact 
for competitiveness of ECO PREMISIS in this sector:

For Grimme Landmaschinen, the technology and methods developed in ECO PREMSIS 
are an important prerequisite to enable the introduction of the third 
generation of control systems for mobile work machines

As demand increases to completely cover the agricultural food production chain, 
harvest information will have to be collected from self-propelled machines. For 
J.Deere as the European market and technology leader, agricultural management 
solutions are a unique selling proposition. Here, solutions as provided by the 
ECO PREMISIS approach help make agricultural machines a fundamental data node 
in food production.

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