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  • From: Bernhard Schätz <schaetz@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 10:38:10 +0200

Dear all,

one short comment, which might be helpful for section 2 and 4:
In the AWP (Annual work Program) for all three subprogrammes (ASP5, ASP1, ASP4) 
objectives and expected impacts are listed.
It helps to support the reviewers in finding keywords in the corresponding text 
of these sections.

Here is an example for ASP 1:

In section 2, you might want to consider to prominently place objectives, e.g., 
by printing them in italic; e.g.,
- contribution to a European Standard Reference Technology Platform, definition 
of a model-based compositional develoment process including safety and security 
aspects, design and prototype implementation of a multi-domain embedded systems 
architecture addressing networking, security, robustness, diagnosis and 
maintenance services

In Section 4, you might want to do the same for the expected impacts required 
in this section, e.g.,
- reduce time to market; increase the quality and reliability of products and 
services while providing novel functionalities; contribute to architectures 
that reduce cost and effort of qualification and certification processes.

So, while all this already is in the content of these sections, sometimes it 
helps just to repeat some of the keywords and make them stand out.

Best regards!!

Am 31.03.2011 um 10:16 schrieb Olli Vistbacka:

> Hi,
> Updated PO attached.
> It’s almost complete information wise.
> - Section 2 condensing
> - Section 4 improvement, some material is available (e.g. impact statements 
> from Bernhard and FAGOR, listed standards, )
> - Abstract improving?
> - getting missing information
> I have understood that section 2 is under editing in TUT. Am I correct?
> Is somebody working on the Section 4? Pandeli?
> --
> Olli Vistbacka
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> olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx
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> <ECO_PREMISES_PO_v0.5.docx>

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