[ecop-poct] Re: Telco at 15:00 CET today (WAS: VS: Telco today 14:00 CET)

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Two small points/questions: 


-          we would participate as ACCM (competence center in mechatronics, 
www.accm.co.at, which partly belongs to the University, partly to companies. It 
makes easier to find the additional contribution (JKU could not cover the 
unfinanced part). One of the companies is LCM, which is a member of Artemis 
Austria. Does it fit in your overall scheme?


-          ACCM has no own marketing, but LCM has, and Markus DIbold is in 
charge of it. He could join and replace me as contact member both for ACCM and 
Austria. He is younger and has probably less technical insight in this specific 
field, but as a marketing guy knows better other groups from ACCM/LCM he could 
involve. So if you do not await a substantial writing contribution from us but 
rather a help in finding the right competences, I would ask him to take over 
now, and if possible to participate to today's telcon, otherwise we should 
postpone the change after the first layout has been done.

Please pick your choice.


Best and regards


Luigi del Re





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A quick adjustment: Lets postpone the telco for one hour, so that Fortiss is 
able to join as well.


The telco will start at 15:00 CET. All other details still apply.


br, Olli


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I propose the following:


- Let's have a quick telco today at 14-15 CET. Details below

- Let's agree a telco for next week.


Today's telco details:


Meeting number: +358 20 699 121

Meeting code:  351252#


User guide attached.




1. Regular status meetings 

- proposal: an hour once a week, until PO submitted

- AP: Find from your calendar suitable slots for next four weeks


2. How to organize the PO writing process

- proposal: A lead writer will ensure the integrity of the document and there 
is a responsible for each section as well.


Lead: TBD

Section 1: TBD

Section 2: TBD

Section 3: TBD

Section 4: TBD

Section 5: TBD


3. Begin discussing the scope and focus of the project.


- There is a proposal from Fortiss attached. It can be used as a baseline for 
the discussions. As this week's telco came with a very short notice let's 
continue discussion after the today and fix the scope next week.


About next week's telco:


- Please fill in the doodle to pinpoint the time for next week's meeting: 

- A volunteer needed to chair next meeting next as I'm travelling and my 
attendance in the telco is not for sure. Please volunteer a.s.a.p.




Olli Vistbacka

Project Manager, M.Sc. (Eng.)


Phone +358 40 569 1043

olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx> 

http://www.hermia.fi/in_english/ <http://www.hermia.fi/in_english/> 


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