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The latest version attached.

Make your changes and comments using Word's change tracking and send them to 
me. I'll consolidate them into the master document then. Please make sure that 
the person responsible for the respective section is aware of your changes, if 
you're editing "someone elses" section.

PO Section



Bernhard Schätz, Fortiss

Section 1 - Relevance and contributions to the content and objectives of the 

Leire Bastida, Tecnalia

Section 2 - R&D innovation and technical excellence

Jouni Mattila, TUT

Section 3 - S&T approach and work plan

Bernhard Schätz, Fortiss

Section 4 - Market innovation and market impact

Pandeli Borodani, CRF

Section 5 - Quality of consortium and management

Olli Vistbacka, Hermia

Olli Vistbacka
Project Manager, M.Sc. (Eng.)

Phone +358 40 569 1043

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