[ecop-poct] Re: ECO PREMISES: OEMs' comments requested

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Small question: this is the same presentation as prepared for the telcon, 
right? If so, did we not agree on taking the garage issue out of it and 
(possibly) adding truck operation?

But maybe I took the wrong notices...


L. del Re


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Please find a proposal of topic for ECO PREMISES project attached. Fortiss 
created the presentation as a conversation starter. We'd like to hear 
especially OEMs' comments and points of view about the proposal.


- Does your targets fit into the proposal?

- If not (entirely), how should we enhance the proposal?

- There are some scenario examples in slide 3. Please describe shortly single 
or multiple scenarios for your company.


Don't hesitate to ask, should there be need for clarification.


You can mail questions and comments to ECO PREMISES PO Core Team mail list 
ecop-poct@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (preferred) or directly to Bernhard Schätz 
(schaetz@xxxxxxxxxxx) and Christian Buckl (buckl@xxxxxxxxxxx 
<mailto:buckl@xxxxxxxxxxx> ), who are both with Fortiss.


Please send your comments during the next week. Thank you!


Best regards,


Olli Vistbacka

Project Manager, M.Sc. (Eng.)


Phone +358 40 569 1043

olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx> 

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