[ecop-poct] Re: Categorizing partner roles - comments requested

  • From: Körtvélyesi Péter <kortve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ecop-poct@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 09:40:35 +0100

Dear All,

I've talked with the hungarian Artemis office and we had a meeting on
the issue.
The University of Szeged drops out from the consortium, while
FrontEndART can only participate as a subcontractor.

I've uploaded a new proposal of FrontEndART's sub contraction to
Dropbox » ECO PREMISES » Background Material >> FeaEcoPremises
It holds the activities and the proposed costs.

Software quality assurance activity can be be listed as a sub-point of
test & verification.

I propose FEA could subcontract with the participant that is involved
mostly in Test & verification.

Points of Test & verification, what FEA could do (maybe this section
could be called as Testing, quality assurance & verification):

- Software QA trainings: high quality source code training - how to
avoid critical rule violations and planning errors causing high metric
(eg. complexity) values; ISTQB tester training - efficient testing
focusing on code coverage

- Architecture QA: finding errors in the software's architecture,
reconstruction of the real architecture by source code analysis;
Drawing architectre diagrams for the developers to evaluate the
differences among the planned and real architecture

- Source code management
Code quality evaluation by static source code analysis
Creating quality reports on a regular basis, containing an evaluation
for the management and the developers - quality grading, list of
problematic parts (metrics, rule violations, code clones causing high
costs in maintainability)

- Demonstration of the high quality of the developped products
Grading the development as a third party participant - ensure the high
quality by assigning an ISO-9126 quality certification

best regards,

2011.03.18. 8:55 keltezéssel, Olli Vistbacka írta:
> Tool suite development
> Framework development
> Test & verification
> Pilot & field test

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