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Dear Olli
Annex A and Cost Breakdown are uploaded for the Austrian part.
In the latest version of the PO (v03), the old status of the Austrian
consortium is emphazised. Please include the following status of each
partner/the Austrian part:
Austrian Center of Competence in Mechatronics GmbH (ACCM): research.
contribution: total costs 350.000,--/45 person month. role of the
partner should be slightly extended:

actual: Computational and Experimental Process Modeling and Simulation.
 Information and Control including system analysis and control of
machines and industrial processes, adaptive and learning systems, fault
detection and isolation, virtual sensing
system level simulation environment and physical layer solutions for
industrial wireless communications, advanced signal processing for
indoor localization and indoor localization systems without dedicated
infrastructure, indoor localization using UWB technology
AVL List GmbH (AVL): INDUSTRY, contribution: total costs 919.237,--/80
person month. role as is, maybe some extensions will come this
AeroSpy Sense & Avoid Technology GmbH (AERO): SME, contribution: total
costs 150.000,--/ app. 20 person month
role of the partner and BIF follow this afternoon (CEO of aerospy is in
the US at the moment, he wants to proof read and give OK to person
month, total costs are confirmed).

>>> Olli Vistbacka <olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx> 29.03.2011 07:13 >>>


Here’s some comments about the PO.

-- Olli

Lähettäjä: Marko Elo [mailto:marko.elo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Lähetetty: 29. maaliskuuta 2011 0:04
Vastaanottaja: Olli Vistbacka
Aihe: RE: ECO PREMISES PO kommentoitavaksi

Here’s some:

-          PLATINO mentioned in several places, must change to ECO
-          “created by three global leading mobile machine
manufacturers”… is this up-to-date? Maybe not necessary to hang the idea
to a certain number of manufacturers.
-          Is MSB going to be a new technology or implementation? Or
some protocol on CAN or Ethernet? This question needs to be handled
somehow, as there is a critical mass of legacy in the field already.
-          Sections 1-5 are now named after the evaluation titles. It
looks a bit clumsy, e.g. title 5. It is not our role to tell about the
quality of the consortium. We specify the consortium, evaluators
weigh its quality.

I need more time to read and comment. In general chapter 4.1 is in a
key role.

Marko Elo

From: Olli Vistbacka [mailto:olli.vistbacka@xxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 25. maaliskuuta 2011 15:09
To: Marko Elo
Subject: ECO PREMISES PO kommentoitavaksi


Tässä olisi tuorein versio PO:sta kommentoitavaksi. Varsinkin Section
5:n taulukot ovat keskeneräisiä vielä. Section 2:n tiivistäminen on työn

Voisitko kommentoida englanniksi, niin tarvittaessa kommentit saa
suoraan jaettua PO-kirjoitustiimille.

 Olli Vistbacka
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Puh. +358 40 569 1043
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