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Sorry, it was just a proof that artificial intelligence exists and even smart 
phones car write autnomously e-mails... Luigi

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Wo sin.                                                                         

Gesendet von meinem HTC

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Hi All,

I would propose some text (section 2) linking this to SOFIA, for example:

Interoperability of heterogeneous systems and devices has been a
challenge in many areas of information technology (e.g. enterprise
information systems, web systems, ubiquitous computing systems), and
various technologies have been developed to support seamless
collaboration between independent systems. In particular, techniques for
creating common metadata vocabularies and ontological models (e.g. RDF [
], OWL [ ]) have been developed under the broad term "Semantic Web". We
envision that this trend will enter the machine control domain as well.
An especially close technological area is smart environments, where
Artemis project SOFIA [ ] is currently creating a semantic
interoperability platform for ubiquitous device environments (e.g. smart
houses). We will exploit the experiences and results of SOFIA especially
in the developing of semantic-based interoperability between work
machines in a smart work site.

(Feel free to revise)

If this is added, some wp should take this on its agenda, too.


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