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I think we are all agreed that membership should only be open to people
known to at least one of the list members, and I do completely agree that
this is a book discussion list and not somewhere where people can talk about
their ailments, the weather in their part of the world, or the latest news
on their guide dogs.


I still do not have access to change settings, but I hope this will be
sorted out shortly.  We are still waiting for alan and June,and in the
meantime maybe we could give some thought to obtaining a few more members.
I think ten or twelve is probably the ideal number.






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Yes, I agree with Shell on all points.  I would rather have a closed list
and have members invited to join, that way we can be sure that members join
to discuss books, not just to chit-chat about other things.  I suggest we
stipulate that as a condition of membership.  


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Hi David,

For myself, I like the list to be closed, so we invite members, but if
people think we need more members by making it open, I'd be okay with that

having attachments seems like a good idea. If there's only us on the list,
then we know the attachments have come from a trusted member and it would
help us share our monthly reads.

It would seem like a good idea to start with to have the instructions to
post or leave the group, just in case anyone needs them.  We could change
that later on if it is in anyone's way.

Just my thoughts.




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