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  • Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 15:56:25 +0200

I'm  very interesting for Your Country,  specially for Quichè because
my father was born in this part  of Guatemala. I think there are many 
parents, but  is very hard to have some notices on this people and site.
My Grandfather is leaving from Italy, the town wos Fortogna municipio di 
Longarone città di Belluno, in the first Year of ' 1900. In the Year 1910 
is born my father Giovanni (Juanito) Aldo De Nes. In the Year 1920 my 
father cam to home in Italy and becam back never, hi is been in Italy all 
his life.
Maybe in Guatemala are still some parents.
I am very gratefull for eventuell notices, and were too happy to have news 
of your work : very interesting specially for knowledge better  the  people 
and pueblas indigenas. I were very happy to have many news of Quichè and 
Guatemala, specially news of history, folk use, language, political and 
social themes an so on of poeple indigenas.
Now somethings notices myself :
I 'm italian citiezen, i work  in National Council Research and my job is 
in the biomedical research, cardiology branch (development computing 
analysis, web development programming, processing imaging, statistical 
analysys in Hemodinamic and echocardiography procedures.)
I live  in Pisa (the city of Tower pending).
Many thanks  and many  greetings from Italy.
P.S. I have find in internet that in Rio Hondo is an Hotel named Longarone, 
tel. 9347109 fax 9347035 where the master is maybe sohn of italian 
emigrants certainly from Longarone Italy : i hope you can make some 
research on this.

Damiano Maurizio De Nes - Pisa

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