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Wow, it's been a long time since we've had a chance to sit down and
write a newsletter. Now that the dust has settled and we're moved into
our new digs, we'll try to get write one on a fairly regular basis to
let you know what we're up to around East RC and in the machine shop. 

First, I'd like to make you aware of some other locations where we post
info. I've received emails and seen posts on forums where people would
ask "Are you still in business? You haven't posted a newsletter in a
long time". Here's the deal, we've been up to our ears in work,
restructuring the company to do what we do best... manufacturing RC
components and providing hardware. We've also been moving into a new
facility, developing new parts, and updating our website inventory. We
began posting regular updates on Facebook at
http://www.facebook.com/eastrc, Twitter at http://twitter.com/EastRC,
posting regular pics on Twitpic at http://twitpic.com/photos/EastRC, and
blogging from time to time at http://eastrc.blogspot.com/. Quite
honestly, since we were posting so much info in those locations, we
forgot about the newsletter. It does seem that folks like to get it and
do read it when they visit our website, so we'll try to do better a
better job and post info here as well. 

Since downturn of the economy, we had to re-evaluate the way we run East
RC and decide what we thought would be the most advantageous for the
company's future. We closed the walk-in storefront part of the business
in November of 2010 and began to focus more on our own product
manufacturing. Internet sales have always been the strongest part of the
business, especially with the unique items we manufacture in our machine
shop. Early this year, we renovated another location nearby and moved,
with our parent company, into our new facility at 112 N. Church
St...about 1 block away from the old location. This combined our
operations that were scattered amongst 5 buildings into one facility and
allowed for much more efficient operations. 

OK, upward and onward! We now manufacture 51 different products, supply
a full line of hardware, lubricants, and a few other misc items. You can
see those on our recently updated website at http://www.eastrc.org . We
have several new items coming soon, and are back on track to release new
items for sale. These will be posted in the various social media
locations we mentioned above, as well as in this newsletter. 

Check out the links in this newsletter to catch up on where we are, and
beginning in the next newsletter, you'll get updates and sneak peeks at
some new goodies in the works at East RC. Thanks for your continued


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