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  • Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 23:06:16 +0000 (GMT)

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of the East R/C newsletters. You
are receiving this because you signed up for the East R/C Newsletter on our
website at www.EastRC.org , and thanks for subscribing! We'll be publishing
these about once per month to let you know about new products, changes,
specials, tech bulletins, and other items related to the R/C products we
carry in our Zebulon store and warehouse. Ready?? Let's get started...

- East R/C began construction of the business and website around January of
'07, has been operating on the web since June of this year (2007). We opened
our retail storefront to the public sometime in late August, and have been
packing in items on a daily basis ever since. Our website is growing daily
as well, and we're working feverishly to get all of our inventory listed

- We currently have 96 different aircraft models/styles in stock (several
pieces of each!), and 83 of them are now online. We have everything from
trainers to 100cc aerobatic birds, Warbirds to models of EAA aircraft,
sport, pattern, 3D, etc. We also carry 3 different helicopters and all the
parts to completely rebuild them. Most of our wood and carbon fiber are in
and on display. We have several different radio systems, loads of servos,
batteries, speed controllers, outrunners, inrunners, brushed motors, gas
engines, glow engines, etc. Wheels, fuel tanks, landing gear, over 11,000
packages of HARDWARE(!), and lots more. Hopefully, most of this will be
represented on the website by year's end. 

- New goodies in house over the last few weeks are: 100cc Extra 330L, 100cc
Yak, 50cc Extra 330L, 26cc Yak, A-4 Skyhawk EP, .46-Extreme 540 Profile,
MissStik & ElipStik (wood kits!), Flying Styro A-10, Bellanca RTF. The new
1.20 Sea Furys are to be delivered in a few days! We now carry the analog
and digital servos from Scanner Racing...awesome power, top quality, and
great prices. We have loads of new tools in house, and they are being added
to the site as I type. 

- During december, we'll have a few Christmas special running. We'll post
them to you via the newsletter, and on the front door of our website. Watch
the AMA magazine for our ad specials, too! 

- The East R/C Retail Store is open Monday through Saturday, and we're now
open on Tuesday and Thursday nights until 9pm. So, if you can't get out
during a weekday or on Saturday to see us, pop in on one of those nights
after work!

- The new Lucky 13 pre-production prototypes are in, and we're building
those to fly/show. The first gen, though it was close to what we wanted, was
not the final version. Some of you may have seen it taking a beating out at
the RDRC field recently. The final pre-production version has most of the
changes we wanted implemented, so it won't be long before the production
version of this sport airplane is available.  

- Prototypes of the 'Jerry's Spoiler' are under construction at the factory.
We're hoping to have it in production by year's end, if all goes well.  

- Turbine oil... along with our Amsoil Sabre and Belray MC-1 oils, we now
have BP Turbine Oil in stock for those of you who fly jets. It'll be online
in a few days, and we can ship this via UPS/FedEx/USPS to your locale, if

OK..that's it for now. It would have been impossible to pack the many
hundreds of items we now have in stock into this newsletter, so it'll now be
much easier to drop a message on occassion with info on new goodies and
specials/sales items. See ya soon!

East R/C Staff

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