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Many of you don't know who we are, so I put a little info and some 
pics together of our shop (www.eastrc.org). I've been into modelling 
since the late 60's, and flying R/C since the mid-70's. Both of my 
sons and wife (along with several other folks) work at East R/C. Chris 
(son) has been flying since about '93 and spent a bit of time as a 
Hobby-Lobby employee, until coming home this year to help with East 
R/C startup. Brandon (son) has been in and out for about 8 years, and 
has about a year of steady flying under the belt. We started this 
business next to our motorcycle company of nearly 10 years, ScootWorks 
early this year. This allowed us to come out of the hole with a mature 
purchasing, receiving shipping, A/P, etc operation, able to deal with 
internet sales & shipping in addition to conventional retail.

East R/C is steadily growing...our new Zebulon store is packed so 
tight, one has to turn sideways to walk between the isles. More space 
is coming in the near future (new building coming available next to 
our other buildings on Vance street), so things can be more 
comfortable for the retail customers. We now stock aircraft from micro 
to giant scale...models like Extra 260, Extra 330L, and Yak are in 
stock in 25%, 30%, and 35% size. LOTS of AIRPLANES.

Our helicopter lineup is growing. We decided to get a heli, then stock 
all of the parts for it. Once that models is completely supported, we 
move on and pick another. This way, what ever you buy to fly, we have 
the parts to repair and/or hop it up. we carry the famous V3-Lama 
Helicopter, Falcon 3-D, Belt-CP EP Heli, RCER DRAGONUS II N-Plus 3D 
Heli Kit (a true heli KIT), and the Venom Micro heli. T-Rex & parts 
are coming next...

The shop is PACKED with hardware...over 15,000 packs of hardware 
alone. Building materials from balsa, carbon, ply, birch, nylon, and 
foam are here. Radio gear, flight packs, servos, replacement servo 
gear sets, batteries (NiCd, NiMH, NiMa, LiPo, etc) of all sizes from 
100ma to 50005c1p, charges, balancers, etc, etc. 

I've put a small tour of our cramped showroom, shipping, receiving, 
etc together. It can be seen at 

We just received a LOAD of CleverBoy's (CB-35) in time for the 
Christmas Specials. We have them in 4 colors, and available as ARF or 
ARF+Combo. They're marked down a good bit for this sale, and include 
free shipping in the lower 48. Go to www.eastrc.org and click on the 
blue 'Christmas Sale' image to see the scoop on them. 

Brandon now has the Vess Clock up in the Christmas Specials section of 
the site at www.eastrc.org . You can click on the pic of it there, and 
see the full page of stuff and more pics he put together for it. These 
slick clocks just arrived in the shop, yesterday (12/6). 

There have been another pile of 'in stock' aircraft, parts, & tools 
added to the site at eastrc.org . All of us have been burning the 
candle at both ends and the middle, trying to get the site finished 
(but _still_ have a long ways to go). Visit the site, click on "Shop 
Online", then click on the Helicopter and R/C Airplanes sections to 
see the new airplanes and heli's. 

We now have the SIG Kadet Seniors, wing kits, and some covering from 
Sig in stock. We are also picking up the new line of SIG engines, and 
have some in house now. 

There have been several new pics from customers added to the site. Go 
to eastrc.org and click on [Photo Gallery].

Chris has been busy adding pics and videos. Go to the site at 
eastrc.org and click on [Media/Press]. You'll find several new videos, 
pics, and a photo diary of a recent road trip to Tenn. 

We now have mechanical and air retracts in stock and on the website... 
Go to www.eastrc.org, click on [Shop Online], and look in 
the "Supplies" section. Among other things, you'll find "Landing 
Gears, Tail Gears, Nose Gears, Retracts, etc"

In the AIRCRAFT -> FOAMIES section, you'll find several new foamies 
including the "Matt Chapman Cap 580 Foamie ", "R/C Universe Bipe 
Foamie ", "Extra 260 Foamie ", and the "MIG-29 Foamie Parkjet ".

We now have 40" Long CF in stock, and it's listed in the SUPPLIES -> 
SYNTHETICS: section. 

A new section has been added to the SHOP ONLINE -> R/C AIRCRAFT area 
tagged as "Balsa Kits". We're beginning to have more full wood kits in 
stock, and they will be categorized in this new area.

There are now over 100 aircraft and helicopter models in stock, and we 
typically stock several units of each model. Go to the R/C Aircraft 
section of our catalog (Shop Online) and look around a bit to see 
what's new!

Dave; www.eastrc.org

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