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  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 18:59:07 +0000 (GMT)

Hi guys & gals, 

Our first production batch of Lucky-13's are now in. We made several final
changes to the last version and now feel this to be one of the most perfect
and complete low wing sport aircraft in it's class. This ARF has gone
through several stages of development since Chris Hockaday started
design/development in 2003, and should almost build itself. 

This airplane is a cool bird for your first entry into low wing models, as
well as a fun and relaxing sport flyer for the experienced pilot. The large
flat bottom airfoil makes for stable flight, while the heavily modified
airframe and large control surfaces allow for many advanced maneuvers. The
landing gear mounts were improved over conventional designs to withstand
more abuse than most ARFs, and the heavy-duty aluminum gear is powder coated
for a long lasting finish. The fuel tank area was improved to allow for our
larger supplied 16oz. tank as well as multi-cell LiPo battery packs. The
servo tray suports two throttle servos to allow for inverted, right angle,
or inverted engine installation. The servo tray also supports the rudder
servo, and the airplane is supplied with prefitted pull-pull rudder cables.
All surfaces are pre-slotted for the supplied hinges, and all pushrods are
pre-fitted and ready for installation. 

This can be built as electric or glow...we've done both, and have made
design changes to reverse the direction of the hatch removal and have
included STRONG magnets pre-installed on same for adequate security with
vibration from glow power. This also makes for easy access for battery
installation on electrified versions. The firewall is not perforated, and
lends itself nicely to electric power. You can see pics of it on our website
with glow and electric power. An earlier version is hanging on display in
our shop on 4120-series HangIt outrunner (~800 watts) & 4-5 cells...this
much power was SICK. We flew one of the prototypes on a ThunderTiger .61
glow, and it was also crazy. It flys nicely on .46-.55 glow, and ~600 watts
would be fine for this low-wing sport airplane. 

We have loads of these in stock in all white (for your own decoration), as
well as in the wild flamed scheme seen on our site, as designed by Chris
Hockaday. We are in the process of final inspections of all kits, including
the installation manuals and other items in these kits, and will be shipping
within a week. 

You can find these on our site at www.eastrc.org, enter the site, and click
on the large [Lucky 13] image in the center of the pade. Those of you who
have preordered are on our list, and will get first shot at these items. 


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