[De Vita In Excessum] Last Reminder

  • From: ConfusedBear@xxxxxxx
  • To: <dvie@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 08:04:42 EST

De Vita In Excessum: Whispers from the World of Darkness

I wasn't sure that the Hunter Contest would be a success, and well, I was right 
:)  If I had just two submissions I could still have a contest, but I haven't 
received -one-.  But I'm still hopeful.  I wish I'd have the turnout that I did 
for the Wraith contest, but I think that's asking a little too much.

Either way, this is a last reminder before April 1st about the contest.  It 
doesn't look like I'll have an April Issue either.  But feel free to send your 
submissions anyways!  I'll save them for May :)
- Crys
De Vita In Excessum

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