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Forgive my ignorance, but I don't get the point! Why use Word to edit
your files before you import them into DBT. It sounds like you are going
to have to edit the file anyway (at the very least Braille formatting is
nothing like print formatting) so why not do it in DBT in the first
place and edit once. I am not a Word user and can't see the sense in
learning to use Word to edit something in 2 programs-twice!



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In this neck of the woods, we call those "tab tab space space files" and
have encountered plenty of them throughout the years. What is worse is
when an agency has the same document brailled at each revision point.
You end up with a wonderful case of dj vu having seen and cleaned up
that mess several times. Finally I had enough, restyled the document in
Word with styles and gave it back to the agency.


I never pull in a document directly into my braille translator. I always
give it the once-over in Word to see word processing techniques have
been used and make changes before I import.


Why ask for trouble from the start?





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        I've seen two common mistakes in Word.
        1)  There will be a list of say 10 items.  First, the operator
doesn't use any List Style.  Second, they will use a tab at the
beginning of each line to push or indent the line.  Third, if the line
item overflows to a second line, they will tab again to indent the
second and subsequent lines.  
        The net result is that DBT sees all these tabs and freaks out.
        2)  I have actually seen many cases where a user will tab at the
start of a paragraph, then tab again to align the second line with the
first line, and again with the third and subsequent lines.
        Again, DBT freaks out with the tabs.
        Unfortunately there is no logic under the sun which DBT can use
to compensate for this.

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