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  • Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 18:50:31 +0100

Hi Tina,


You have really asked a loaded question here.


Nemeth, Greek,  German and Hebrew in the same sentence all terrifies
me, so perhaps you could provide a bit more information and perhaps an
example or three.


When you say "Nemeth" are you dealing with Mathematics containing
Greek and German characters, for example?  For pure Mathematics,
personally I would use MathType or LaTeX.


If you wish to switch between literary languages, you should be aware
of the new lnb Code in 11.1 as described below.

Language Table Switching

Switch between language tables using the new [lnb~xxx] Code. 

This differs from the [lng...] Code in so much as it is a "Table
Switch" using the actual braille code for the selected language. 


George Bell.




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Hello All,
I am trying to do a Nemeth document that is switching form German
letters to Greek letters to Hebrew letters. First question is there a
short-cut to switching to these different languages in one document?
Also are there short-cut keys for the actual letter themselves?
Any advice is appreciated.

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