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Thanks.  I routinely use the search/replace method you suggested even to the
extent of inserting/removing codes.  It is very helpful and a time saver.  I
just knew that the symbol I have for the bullet does not look right.


Rick Boggess



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Since DBTW doesn't translate bullets properly, my workaround is to change
them to two hyphens.  To do this, I highlight a bullet, copy it to the
clipboard, and paste it into the first input of the Find/Replace dialog box.
I then place two hyphens into the second field and choose the 

Replace All button.




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I have some items in a list which are bulleted.  In the translation, I ended
up with dots 1-6 followed by r.  I'm not sure this is correct; at least it
does nto look right. Could someone help?


Rick Boggess

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