[duxuser] Braille Sense Plus

  • From: "John Blake" <jblake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 09:09:21 +0100

Dear Colleagues,
Just wondering if anyone is using this piece of equipment (Braille Sense
Plus) as the BrailleNote mPowers we have at the moment are proving
problematical to say the least - for details of the problems you can
contact me off list but there appears to be a whole litterny of never
ending issues with these at present and it is becoming very frustrating.
I note that the Braille Sense Plus has built in VGA for connecting a
screen (no need for a compact flash connection which the BrailleNote
requires), built in Wifi (BrailleNote requires separate compact flash
which means a screen cannot be attached when this is in use i.e., via
the CF port which we use), Braille Sense Plus has a tiny lcd screen so
that non-Braille literate persons can see what the user is entering
(None on the BrailleNote), Scientific Calculator (same as BrailleNote),
8 Gb of built in memory (BrailleNote 128 Mb according to the manual),
built in radio, mp3 functionality and direct recording of
lectures/lessons (up to 2 hours).
Best regards to all forum members,

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