[duxuser] Re: 8-dot Braille

  • From: "George Bell" <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 22:40:50 +0100

Hi Tom,
I asked a real DBT guru, and he came back with the
It is likely that DBT isn't finding an installation of MS

Is Word installed?

Is is installed to a default path? (That *shouldn't* matter,
but shouldn't doesn't necessarily mean "doesn't".)

Is the document being embossed/opened from SWIFT?

This particular issue, when it comes up, is hard to
diagnose. What we generally have to do is to manually
construct the command line that DBT is attempting to use to
generate the page map. Then we ask the end user to run that
command line and observe what happens.

The sad truth is that only Word knows where the page breaks
of a Word file are. So we positively need to run a Word
macro to make that happen.


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Thanks for the info George. You seem to be the Duxbury Guru,
do you have any ideas on how to fix the following problem?
I'm currently taking a class from Carroll Tech on using the
Duxbury Braille Translator. Although I have used Duxbury for
4 years, there still is a lot I don't know. I'm working on a
lesson, which involves using the word importer under the
global menu. This is supposed to allow the reference page
numbers from one of their downloaded files to appear in
Duxbury. After I checked the make page break box, when I try
and open the document I get an error message that says,
"Unable to create page map. Print page breaks will not be
marked." I was told that the first time I tried this Duxbury
would bring up  MS Word and I would have to enable macros,
This never happened, although a previous user could have
enabled this, therefore I would not see it again.
Thanks in advance,

George Bell <george@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Just to expand a little on this topic, 8 dot braille
        indeed more commonly used with braille displays,
although a
        number of European country users particularly do
emboss hard
        There is a detailed explanation at
        and a Google search for "8 dot braille" will provide
        sources of information.
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