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Hi David,


Just so that everyone knows what we are talking about, (or perhaps I should say 
"up against"!!) I thought I would copy the relevant section from the new, 
"British Braille".


Why do there always have to be exceptions?







6.7.1. Roman numerals are generally coded according to the standard rules on 
the letter sign (5.6.2 and 5.6.6), and the rules on capitals (e.g. 5.2.2). 
However, for capital Roman numerals consisting of 2 or more letters, the 
capital word indicator is always used (regardless of the normal preference rule 
in 5.2.10). If capitals are not generally being shown, upper case Roman 
numerals are treated as if lower case, unless the distinction between upper and 
lower case Roman numerals needs to be preserved.



v          ;v

V         ;,v

ii          ;ii

II         ,,ii

xxxiv   ;xxxiv

XXXIV           ,,xxxiv


6.7.2. As an exception to 5.6.2, where a Roman numeral brailled as lower case 
is followed by an abbreviation point, both the letter sign and abbreviation 
point should be retained.



xii.       ;xii4


6.7.3. As required by the rules for the letter sign and capital indicators, 
Roman numerals joined by a hyphen or dash are treated separately as regards 
these composition signs.



lxxxix‑cxliv     ;lxxxix‑;cxliv

VIII‑XIII        ,,viii‑,,xiii

VIII‑X            ,,viii‑;,x

lv–lxxxix         ;lv‑‑;lxxxix


6.7.4. Letters following Roman numerals are brailled according to 5.6.8.



XVa    ,,xv;a

XVa    ;xv;a   (not showing capitals)

iiB       ;ii,b

iiB       ;ii;b   (not showing capitals)


Roman numerals may also be used in conjunction with Arabic numbers. (In the 
example the print stop separator is omitted in braille in accordance with 



Hamlet IV.2    ,hamlet ,,iv#b


6.7.5. Roman numerals should be separated from their ordinal terminations by 
the abbreviation point, and the case of terminations may generally be ignored. 
Contractions may be used in terminations unless preceded by the letter sign. 
Note that both methods of coding foreign accents are possible.



xth       ;x4?

Xth      ,x4?

xxist    ;xxi4/

XXIst  ,,xxi4/

Ier        ,i4]

XIIe    ,,xii4e

XIIème            ,,xii4@eme

XIIème            ,,xii4;!me

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> In the beta version there is still the old problem that roman
> numerals are not indicated with a letter sign except for (i)
> and (v) when they are listed as question numbers.
> This is in British no capitals
> David Spybey
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