[duxhelp] printing or embossing to a file!!

  • From: "Jack Maartman" <jmaartman@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:59:16 -0700

Hi all:

I am wondering if anyone has been using this feature. It certainly has an 
intrinsic value, but the process is inordinately complex, and I am wondering if 
this is something we can address by the time 10.5 hits the shelves.

I couldn't have achieved it without some expert help.  The current procedure 
would appear to be as follows.

Owning neither printer nor embosser, I had to configure some windows printer or 
other, directing it to print to file, I think I found a generic one.

I then had to set up an embosser and give it a name.  This also turns out to be 
the name of the file I wish to print to.  With this embosser highlighted I then 
send text to it in the usual way.  Being somewhat of a megalomaniac, I sent a 
very large file to the print-to-file,  this took a while, and of course, there 
was no prompt for job completion.  The other problem is the obvious.  The file 
bares the name of the default configuration, and I would have to rename it.  I 
was hoping to find a dialogue somewhere that would prompt me for a filename, 
and perhaps some completion message.  The old dos command-line utilities, 
including Duxbury's transf or tranxf give one such a facility, and allow one to 
know how many pages are printed.  Another issue, is whether such a file could 
include embosser specific codes.  Ultimately it might be worthwhile down the 
road to have something, that in a personal communication George has called PBF, 
a portable braille format which would mean that a file could be generated with 
enough information in it to emboss too no matter what embosser.  But I jump 
ahead of myself, here.  As I want my file to end with <crs., without <lfs> and 
no form feeds, at the moment, it is expedient to take a .brf file, and do these 
deletions in a standard text editor. At the moment, for me this means a shell 
out to dos, with an external dos screen reader.

Any feedback will be valuable, and I won't weep to much if it doesn't make it 
into the next release.



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