• From: "Peter Sullivan" <peter@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <duxhelp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:21:58 -0400

Beta Testers,

A new beta version of DBT is available, as before at:

The improvements do not yet include migration of embosser setup information
to the "local user" branch of the registry.  Nor have we yet fixed an issue
with serial port communications.  These, and perhaps a few other
high-priority items, will be addressed before release.

The list of improvements and fixes since the earlier beta includes:

- The English/American tables (both literary and textbook) have been updated
to correct the sign for the null or empty set in Nemeth code.
- Added SlsClock.exe to distribution.
- Pasting [kpe][kps] should no longer cause garbage on Win98/ME.
- A [lea] code now works properly at the beginning of a page when inside
- The Word importer will now honor "Ignore = Always" in dbt.mws for
character styles.
- Several LaTeX (Scientific Notebook) importer improvements have been made.
- Fixed a problem that caused pictures to disappear on screen when the dots
became too small.
- Fixed graphics handling for ET embossers.  Added high resolution support.
- The English/Unified tables have been updated to support the single-symbol
and word extents for all typeforms (bold, italic, script and underline) as
well as the passage extent, which was previously used for all cases.
- Repair escape sequences for Braillo 270 and older Braillo 200 units with
proper length and width commands.
- Templates have been stripped of page dimension information.  This fixes a
problem not found in shipping software.
- UI changes to Embosser Setup dialogs should now be complete; data storage
still has not been migrated fully to HKCU.
- Crash when /template command-line option is used has been resolved.
- The Irish Gaelic tables have been updated.
- Added TranSend LT and TranSend LT (Large Print) embosser support.Revised
TranSend LT to correct lines per page on narrow form.
- Portuguese (Brazilian) interface problem has been corrected.
- Eliminated a problem supporting command-line operations for files when an
equals sign is part of the pathname.
- Inserting music no longer corrupts documents.
- Added support for /brf and /prf command line options.
- Restored support for /pagesize command line option.
- Style names are now converted to 7-bit ASCII when importing from Word
documents, eliminating the character conversion problems that could cause
unusable documents.
- DBT has been updated to handle .mws files produced by SWIFT's style
mapper, even when Word style names contain spaces.  However, there is no way
for DBT to distinguish between Word style names that differ only in the use
of an underbar in place of a space.  (e.g. if a Word file has distinct
user-defined styles "Heading_A" and "Heading A", then DBT won't be able to
tell them apart.)
- Fixed problem driving Dot&Print and Nippon Telesoft BMP embossers, when
embossing multiple copies.
- Fixed a problem that might cause "Emboss" button not to show up in HTML
Help window on some systems.
- A [hl] code without a number following the l will no longer cause a freeze
upon opening a document.
- The "Treat hard page breaks as print page breaks" Word importer option is
usable again.

- Peter


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