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No, there are other values for AggregateForward and AggregateBackward.

Never and Always are also possible.

There is one further possibility, though it makes sense only for certain
styles.  The final possibility is IfSameCategory.  However, this makes sense
only if you've also have one of the following two statements associated with
a style:


It is also possible to write Category=None but then there isn't any sense to
setting any aggregation to IfSameCategory.

With this information, you've probably developed a pretty complete picture
of these files, except that I'm not sure we've convered the Ignore keyword.
I can get into that if you'd like.

- Peter 

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In the .mws file there is a line that says "AggregateForward" and
"AggregateBackward" whose value is "IfSameName".
Is that the only value that can be there?
Can that line take a name of another style that you expect to be backward
from this one?
E.G., The document I have has a sequence that looks like:
<more lines of Code style>
What I would like to do is something like this:
User "Code"
  MappedName = "CD-CBCDisplay"
  AggregateForward = IfSameName
  AggregateBackward = IfSameName
User "CodeInline"
  MappedName = "CD-CBCDisplay"
  AggregateForward = "CodeInlineTrailer"
  AggregateBackward = "Code"
User "CodeInlineTrailer"
  MappedName = "CD-CBCDisplay"

This would in effect be saying:
I want some text in the <Code> style followed by text in the <CodeInline>
followed by a <CodeInlineTrailer> occurrence.
Peter, have I misunderstood something?
Can this be done?
Have I not understood the "Aggregate*" lines correctly?
J. R.

J. R. Westmoreland
Telecomm Data Communications
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