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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 09:11:03 -0400


This turns out to be one of those problems that is much more interesting
than it would first appear.

I've received your sample file.  Thank you!  It appears that the problem has
to do with a flaw in the CBC word breaking within DBT.  As luck would have
it, Joe has been working for the last two days to improve this, so we both
may be in luck.

To get an idea of what's going on, try this:

1. Be sure the document is saved and backed up.  Things are about to get
2. Open your document, and use Edit, Go To... to navigate to page 1969, line
5, column 1.
3. Observe that DBT goes kablooie.  That's the technical term.

If DBT doesn't go kablooie, as it does not when I'm running in my debugging
environment, continue:
4. Switch to coded view.
5. Arrow by hand to the "*" near the end of line 7 of page 1969.
6. Switch to formatted view.  Observe that the column displayed on the
status line is 40.
7. Switch back to coded view.  Arrow right to step over the "*" character.
8. Switch to formatted view again.  Observe that the column displayed on the
status line is 41.  But your document is formatted for 40 cells!

You've found a major no-no in our code.  Thank you!  I do hope that Joe's
work this week will take care of this problem, but will revisit this file
when he announces that his work is complete.

By the way, you found the problem when saving as .BRF because there is some
range checking code there, but the problem is in the formatter, not the
exporter.  Obviously the same range checking really should be done in the
formatter; and, in most cases, it is.  It reports "line 6" instead of "line
7" and doesn't report the page number at all simply because, as I mentioned
to you on the phone, I was convinced that users wouldn't ever see this
error.  I'll be fixing the error message, though I hope that nobody ever
sees it again.

- Peter

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How does one interpret the message "line 6 is unterminated" and how do you
find the offending place in the document?

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