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  • Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 15:59:21 +0100

Don, even with the expanded parameters, the raw code's
defaults retain the simplicity.
I tend to compare it with the likes of the [pg] code, where
it can be optionally extended to cover specific page number
and a prefix.

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Mike, although I love the configurability of the folds code
as you put forth, I think it has made a very simple concept
and code very complicated. If we find that the default
behavior is what most users want then I guess it is not a
problem but it sure has gotten complicated and the
documentation for this code as you propose must be made much
clearer and have more examples in its final form.


On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 17:06:47 -0500, Mike Gorse wrote:

>I propose making the following changes to the operation of
the [folds] code:
>- The code will, by default, automatically try to place
folds evenly 
>throughout a page. For a 25-line document, fold lines will
be placed on 
>lines 8 and 17.
>- If numeric parameters are specified beyond the existing
two, then they 
>will specify the lines on which the folds should occur. If
the second 
>parameter is 2, indicating that there should be two fold
lines for each 
>fold, then optional following parameters will specify the
first line of each 
>fold. If [folds2:1:9:18] is inserted, then folds will be
inserted on lines 
>9 and 18.
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