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  • Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2006 17:41:45 -0500

Hi Lissa, Christian, and anyone else interested:

Currently, where there is not a second parameter passed to a [folds] code, folds are inserted at fixed intervals of N lines, where N = (num_lines + 1) / num_folds. For instance, on a 25-line page, (25 + 1) / 3 (rounded down) = 8, so every 8th line is a fold. This causes folds on lines 8 and 16 of a 25-line page, so there are two groups of 7 lines and one group of 9 lines. It looks as though I need to change the algorithm, but I need to know how people want it to work in general before I change anything.

There will not always be an equal number of lines available between folds. On a 25-line page, for instance, the best that can be done would be to have one group of 7 lines and two groups of 8 lines. In these situations, should the first group always have the fewest lines?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Subject: DBT Beta: Two things

Hi all,

First of all, I absolutely love the potential of the $fold command! We do lots and lots of letters here that need to be folded, and this will help us a lot. (Is this new to 10;6? I didn't beta test 10;5 very thoroughly.) However, the dimensions are wrong, the second fold should be on line 17, not 16. (I just tested it.) The first fold is correct on line 8.

Secondly, I see that your definition of narrow paper (i.e., 8-1/2 by 11 inch) is 32 cells. Here we do 30 cells, not 32, because, and I've concurred with a blind colleague, it is uncomfortable to read braille when your finger is hitting the edge of the paper all the time. It also doesn't allow for an adequate binding margin for our equipment, either. Can we change the definition of narrow paper, or define our own, so that we don't need to be typing in 30 all the time? Thanks!


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