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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 11:58:03 -0400

I've finally gotten it to work when forcing DBT to behave as it does when
running under Win98...  So look for a fix in beta 4 next week.


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> Christine,
> The problem is with the implementation of our custom control in the
> 98 environment.  We are able to replicate the problem and are working on
> - Peter
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>          I know I raised this issue a couple of weeks ago and I am not
> if it was George or Peter who responded to me saying that they were not
> experiencing any difficulty.  However, I am still having trouble with the
> task of searching for and replacing bullets.
> I have attached a word file and the imported DBT file which may make it a
> little easier to trace what I am trying to achieve.
> The steps I followed are detailed in the files.
> I hope that you are able to experience the same difficulty as I in order
> that you will then be hopefully able to find a fix for it.  I used to
> out this same task in 10.4 with no problems.
> Regards and thanks
> Christine

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