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This is trickier than it first appears, because I'd like to be sure that
we're not going to be breaking other translations as we fix the Nemeth.  In
cases like this, where the importing and translation of documents are
interdependent, and where the translation can be varied to support different
mathematics codes, we like to take our time.

I've put the report into our list of reported problems, with reference
number 1651, so that we'll be able to follow-up on this.  Thanks for the
clear example.

- Peter

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Hi again.  As long as you are considering how DBT imports lists from
Scientific Notebook, I figured I'd toss out the following discovery for your
consideration.  But first a quick disclaimer:  
To paraphrase Shaw:  Those who can do math, do math. Those who can't (but
who can do technology) teach TVIs how to use Scientific Notebook. :)
I'm looking at the book Learning the Nemeth Braille Code (1987).  Based on
the examples on pages 62 and 71, it seems that DBT does not correctly handle
primes (the apostrophes; not the numbers) when there is also a subscript
involved.  So x' is rendered correctly, but x'(sub1) is not.  See attached.
Thanks and take care.

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