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  • Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 13:49:45 +0100

Hi everyone,

Hopefully I've passed the first test, and successfully subscribed six of you to 
the Duxhelp list.

Many thanks indeed for volunteering, and I sincerely hope that this little 
project will result in you all getting a better understanding of DBT.

I'll get down to doing some introductions in due course, but I'm hoping in the 
meantime to get some sighted users.  I guess many schools are on vacation in 
the Northern hemisphere, which is possibly why we've not heard from any sighted 

The first part of the project involves Tabulation, and I have to say that I 
have learned quite a few new things myself about setting Tabs in the last 24 
hours.  I hadn't quite realised it, but there are international implications 
here, and so it is especially good to have members from the U.K., Hong Kong and 
Australia, who will be able to put this into practice.

In the meantime, if you have any projects coming up that require you to put 
information into columns, and line them up in various ways, you may wish to 
keep copies of the original text files to use as samples.

Many thanks again for agreeing to help on Help.

George Bell
Techno-Vision Systems Ltd 
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