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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 05:24:31 -0700

This doesn't mean that you can accidentally overwrite one of the default
templates, does it?


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Are you all aware of the fact that you now have
the option to save text in Templates?  Hence, for
example, you can now set up a letter heading.


1) As of today's autobuild, you can still save a
Template called "Untitled Template".  I believe we
should be given a warning that says words to the
effect of, "You have not given your Template a
proper name!"

2) Moreover, you can still save a Template with
(some?) existing Template names, including the
above, and NOT be asked if you want to replace the
existing Template.

3) Additionally, when you do try to save using the
same name as a "protected" Template (such as
"Standard Format"), the error is confusingly,
"Error opening new Template file."  I believe
again it should be something like, "Hey dummy!
You can't use that name!"


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